About Me

Story time


I grew up on the countryside of Sweden, spending most of my time in the stable with the horses. It turned into my passion and at 16 I moved to Strömsholm to attend one of Sweden's best schools for equestrian. After school I started working as a showjumping rider full-time and moved to Germany to pursue my dreams.

But something wasn't quite right. I wanted to explore life outside the intense schedule that being a competing equestrian meant. I had been living the equestrian life to the max so making a change wasn't a small deal. I identify with the sport and most of my network and friends were also involved in it. But my hunger for more only grew. I had this urge to travel the world and learn as much as possible during my time on earth. So finally I gathered strength, and took the first step to the rest of my life.


What followed was 4 years of travelling, exploring and admiring this world that we live in. First I moved to Oslo and spent some time working hard to save up money. Then I bought a flight ticket, and another, and another. At the age when most people attend university I learned more about myself, the world and my place in it than I ever thought was possible.

But there was some things that I missed. I missed working really hard for something and then achieving it, I missed having a proper home and long-term goals. I started thinking about my next step. During my time on the road I met a lot of people working in Design & Development. These people where curious, open-minded and excited about their careers. That got me incredibly intrugied and I moved back home to Sweden to explore this new direction of my life.


Back home in Sweden I started working at a company where I got the opportunity to learn more online skills. I self studied design theory, HTML, CSS, SEO, Social Media Marketing & started expressing my creativity in Abode Creative Suite. I also connected with people in the business and asked all my questions about it. One year later I was ready to go for it and I enrolled in the UX Design program at world renown school Hyper Island. Here I got top class knowledge from industry leaders and got to use all my curiousity and creativity to experiment and learn as much as possible. At the same time Hyper Island is the place to go for improving soft skills. Self-leadership and Team work are among the core values of this education, which shows results in where the students go in their careers, making their way to the top companies in the world of Design & Technology.

My time in Hyper has given me incredible opportunities and a great network in the business. I'm ready to hit the ground running and I'm very excited for what's to come.



Google Digital Academy x Hyper Island • 2020

Workshop Facilitator

During my time at Hyper Island I got the opportunity to facilitate three workshops in collaboration with Google Digital Academy in Sweden. The topics of the workshops were Change, Future Trends & Jobs To Be Done.

KFV Marknadsföring • 2018-2019

Tourist information, digital media strategy & social media.

Built & managed WordPress sites, produced content and managed social media accounts. For Visit Katrineholm and a few local businesses in Katrineholm.

Showjumping equestrian • 2013-2017

Rider at different stables in Sweden, Germany & Australia

Hospitality Worker • 2015-2018

I worked at various cafés and restaurants while traveling to 13 different countries around the world.


Hyper Island • 2019-2021

UX Design

  • Learning teamwork & project management by working with real briefs & clients.
  • Courses like Field Work, Data Analytics & Rapid Prototyping.
  • Focus on self leadership and learning by doing.

Halmstad University • 2020

Summer Course- Development of Technology-based Digital Services

NTI-skolan • 2018-2019

Courses in English & Business economics

Ridsportgymnasiet Strömsholm • 2010-2013

Upper secondary school in equine studies, focus on competitive showjumping